Gifts in Kind : We often need both clothing and toiletries for the women, but our storage space is limited and sometimes even bursting at the seams as a result of everyone’s generosity. So, if you do have either clothes or toiletries you wish to donate, please contact Cheryl first at women@thewell between 9am and 4pm on 020 7520 1710.

You can make donations via standing order or via JustGiving.

in 2012 we supported 348 women. Of these women

  • 256 needed help with accommodation
  • 160 needed support around drug and alcohol issues
  • 272 had support needs relating to abuse, rape and domestic violence.
  • 298 women had problems with finance, benefits and debt,
  • 273 were suffering from mental and or physical ill-health
  • 130 disclosed invovlement in prostitution 

Your donations help us to provide the on-going support needed by the women who use our centre.  

  • £1.30 pays for a bus ticket for a woman to attend an appointment to get housing, benefits or health treatment
  • £5 will give a woman with no benefits or other income a food parcel for the weekend
  • £10 is the cost of a replacement birth certificate so a woman has ID and can claim benefits
  • £20 will allow us to provide healthy food and tasty treats for one afternoon for up to 30 women
  • £35 will provide a woman with one session of a specialist alternative therapy session such as acupuncture
  • £40 will provide 1 hour of counselling
  • £50 is the average cost of paying for one night’s emergency accommodation in a Bed & Breakfast when a woman has nowhere else to go
  • £130 is the monthly cost of providing laundry services

Regular giving is the best way to help us sustain our work and plan ahead. If you feel able to do this you can download a standing order form HERE.

You can also make a donation via JustGiving HERE.