Cindy's story

The first time I found out about this place I was going in to rehab. My life was hectic, with the alcohol, the drugs. I actually fell asleep on a bus with my daughter, when she was a baby, and somebody called the police. I was woken up with the police removing her, me not having a clue. At that time I had no one. Laura’s dad was really abusing me, domestic violence, and I started using alcohol to block out everything. Then I lost my two children to foster care, and that was the biggest wake-up call in my life.

I was searching about for support and I came across this place. Stepping through these doors I was welcomed with open arms. The support I’ve had, even up until now, was amazing. Every meeting I had, every court case; someone came with me. I fought 3 years through the courts and everything to get my kids back, and all with the help and support of here.

Laura was gone 3 years. I had contact but it was like I really was losing her even though I was seeing her every day. When I was leaving her there were no tears, there was nothing there. It’s only just now that she’s started to know that Mum’s coming back to school to get her. She’s making new friends, she’s opening up, coming out of herself.

Where I was 4 years ago to where I am now: I was sticking needles in my arm 4 years ago, I was lying on a bus and waking up on the floor with people just stepping over me. Now it’s like looking over at a different person. I’m this side of the table now, I make my own decisions. A few years ago I couldn’t say no, but now I can. And my confidence is coming back. I didn’t have any confidence a few years ago. It was kicked out of me, knocked out of me through the domestic violence and everything.

I came here when I was low, I was in a horrible place, I’d lost my kids and I’d lost myself. I think if I hadn’t found here I wouldn’t have got them back. If it wasn’t for here I don’t know where I would have been today.