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Sam's story

When I first found out about w@w I was in hospital. Another woman in the clinic brought me along and I found the place very friendly, very supportive. I have mental health issues and at that point I had drug issues as well.

I enjoyed the music therapy, that was very good and the tutor helped me a lot. She brought me out and made me realise I was quite musical. I’m with the singing group now. They are always coming up with new activities. And they always have a Christmas dinner every year and at birthdays we always get a birthday cake.  I never felt like I had been cared about by so many people.

As time went on I began to get better in myself. I started doing theatre classes and came to the centre for a social side, like the drop-ins and doing certain activities that you had going. 
And my drug issues, well they’ve changed. I’ve stopped using crack cocaine and I intend to stop using heroin this weekend actually, because I’d like to go to the gender clinic for my next appointment drug-free, which would be very beneficial.

I have been going to the gender clinic for 3 years, I’ve changed my name, told everyone at w@w and they were very supportive. They’re allowing me to come here at the moment because I’ve not started the hormone treatment. I know when I start the hormone treatment I’ll have to stop coming. But I’ll never forget women@thewell and how much they have done for me. I’ll always feel like I’d be able to pop in and see you and let you know how I’m getting on.