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Volunteer with us

Volunteers are essential to women@thewell and we wouldn’t be able to offer such a broad range of services, activities and treatments without the support and commitment of our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteering can take many forms. All we ask is that you can make a regular time slot so we know when to expect you and can plan ahead. There are many different opportunities for volunteering at w@w including:

  • Working with the outreach team
  • Helping in the kitchen to provide daily hot meals
  • Gardening
  • Office and administration support
  • Running activities or delivering therapies, such as mosaic-making or counselling
  • Supporting women with, for example, filling out forms or attending appointments
  • Floating support in the Drop In, being a listening ear

We give each volunteer a full induction, and run a continuous rolling programme of training throughout the year covering topics including drugs awareness, sexual abuse, health & safety.

Please use the contact form below to let us know you are interested in becoming part of the women@thewell volunteer team.